Denim news

Who What Wear UK has an article about Denim Autumn trends, which you can read Here, I am only going to show you two of them though, the only ones I like

The denim midi dress

This one is actually sold out I am afraid, there will be plenty of others around though, if it is to be a trend!

The denim midi skirt

This one instead is available Here

Have you noticed how both are midi, I take it that’s a trend too…and one I like, much much chicer than the shorter version, in fact, the only option, as far as I am concerned!



The Anklet

Yes! Something stimulating AND you can start wearing now AND isn’t expensive: The Anklet.the-comeback-jewellery-trend-we-werent-expecting-1644630-1454497120.640x0c If you have been around for a while (e.g. you have not just turned 20), you have already been through this trend, but, as Designers must do something to make it look somehow new, the anklet isn’t quite what you used to wear the first time around (or the second/third… if you have been around for as long as I have!). I know, one would hope to re-use what one already owns, in order to avoid more spending, but, on the other hand, if the new version were not new, it wouldn’t be that exciting, would it? So, have a look at what Who What Wear says: Here

Ok, you could just wear a very thin chain, like in the old days, or, you could embrace the “new way” and wear a chunky one/two ( I like two with casual shoes), or you could go for one with a few stones…. I am either for the chunky version, providing everything else is quite demure, or one with a couple of stones. Don’t like too many “hanging bits” and I am not so keen on the multiple thin chains either. Please don’t wear “teddy bear” ones if you are older than two…All in all, I should say I like the “new anklet” I guess!the-ancient-jewellery-trend-we-werent-expecting-1643885-1454449152.640x0c

If you really don’t want/can spend, then of course, do try to use what you’ve got, perhaps an arm band, an old thick chain you can shorten to measure, even if it isn’t expensive jewellery, it doesn’t matter so much, as it is going to be way down, far from anybody’s power of inspection!! Anyway, you already know this trend is going to last a season, what’s the point of lashing out?!

Here are a few ideas. The chunky anklets:



The site Polyvore has an enormous amount of Anklets if you want to have a look: Here

Have fun!


ASOS t-bar silver ankletJohnny Loves pearl ankletASOS leaf ankletASOS gold jewel ankletAccessorize silver leaf ankletJennifer Fisher square bandCloseout silver ankletNovica amethyst anklet,

Finery of London

This is the third time, I believe, I find out about a line of clothing I like through Who What Wear.

– Finery London -Fashion designed to re-inspire (that’s what it says on the website..)

Reasonably simple clothing, looks nicely cut. Fashion forward without going over the top, more about cuts, details and colours, pity about the extensive use of Polyester, although, in order to keep the price down, I guess is kind of necessary. I would be happy to pay a little more and have natural fabrics though.  It only started last year, I am curious to see the winter collection.

Here are the things I like: