Denim news

Who What Wear UK has an article about Denim Autumn trends, which you can read Here, I am only going to show you two of them though, the only ones I like

The denim midi dress

This one is actually sold out I am afraid, there will be plenty of others around though, if it is to be a trend!

The denim midi skirt

This one instead is available Here

Have you noticed how both are midi, I take it that’s a trend too…and one I like, much much chicer than the shorter version, in fact, the only option, as far as I am concerned!



Denim of course…


We all turn to denim when:

Denim spring 2015

1) we don’t know what to wear

2) we want to be comfy

3) the weather’s not sure what to do

4) we can’t be bothered to think

5) mid-season

Anything else? There are so many reasons to wear denim!!

The fact is, denim is such a  “problem solver”, for all seasons. Denim goes with just about anything. Denim can be cheap but still great! So, let’s have a look at some clothes now!

Lots of dresses, I love them!

It is a little early for a dress I suppose and I guess we must still wear tights if we want to use one, although I much prefer them with naked legs. I would wear my mules and a clutch with it, just to make it fun!

I also think a chambray shirt or top are quite cute:

These perhaps could be dressed up with a chunky necklace.

Double denim, if done very well only, can be really interestingDenim on denim

I have seen a picture (I can’t find it anymore) where the match was a classic shirt and skirt, both denim.

A bit like this:





edc by Esprit Denim skirt - blue

edc by Esprit Denim skirt – blue





Last but certainly not least, the jean. I don’t like the 70s look. Some say the skinny is “out” for this season but I honestly don’t care. I still like it, so I am going to wear it  whenever I fancy. I appreciate  a comfortable cut though, so I obviously adore the “boyfriend jean”. Right now, it looks like you don’t even need to get it shorted, you can just roll it up or turn it up!

There is also a hybrid I found, by Aritzia, called “the strinny” (straight leg meet skinny, that’s theirs). Something, as you can see, between a boyfriend (top) and a skinny (legs), I guess it could be a good solution for undecided people!

Aritzia strinny jean

Actually, I think I like it, but I am not sure it’s for anybody’s shape…

Fabio Rusconi raffia ballerinas

Fabio Rusconi raffia ballerinas

Oh! Have a look at this:





Denim dress

Weather still awful for winter clothes! How about a denim dress then?
Isn’t this one just gorgeous?!!!!

G-Star Denim dress - blue

G-Star Denim dress – blue










One can dress it down with a cardigan and flat shoes…

Make it less “good girl” with a pair of boots…

or office friendly with a jacket….not the shoes though!!!!!!