Simple but special

That is what actually sums up what I generally prefer. Clothes, in my opinion, should look simple but they always must have details that make them stand out, whether it is their cut or their fabric, or preferably both, they should look fabulous and make you look fabulous, without too much fuss though, al least most of the times…

This sweater is a fine example:


And if you like it, here‘s where you can find it!



Denim news

Who What Wear UK has an article about Denim Autumn trends, which you can read Here, I am only going to show you two of them though, the only ones I like

The denim midi dress

This one is actually sold out I am afraid, there will be plenty of others around though, if it is to be a trend!

The denim midi skirt

This one instead is available Here

Have you noticed how both are midi, I take it that’s a trend too…and one I like, much much chicer than the shorter version, in fact, the only option, as far as I am concerned!