Details matter!

The shirt is nice, I especially like the narrow, elbow length sleeves, but what I find extremely chic is the added detail of the thin belt, positioned just at the right hight, a little above the waist.



It’s all about the sleeves!

Gorgeous details which make the difference. This year is all about the sleeve. All by COS, but you’ll find most brands have something capturing this trend.


Winter long sleeves

Quality is everything but attention to details is essential to make an outfit stylish. So, if you wear a gorgeous high neck jumper for example, made of cashmere perhaps (or some other excellent quality wool), and your sleeves are just right….well, it is not the same as having your sleeves a little long. And if your long sleeves have some other long sleeves showing a little underneath, it’s another one again (e.g. shirt or top) . The second two options being the stylish way to go I reckon. It just looks better! It looks more luxurious, cosier, warmer, etc. etc. Some examples:

All pictures are by DBE (DBE’s Blog) as she obviously shares my love for longer sleeves, and I love just about every one of her pictures!