Denim shirt (but looks like a jacket)

I never thought I would have shared a piece by Victoria Beckham with you, but, as hard as it is to say it, I really like this shirt, which actually looks more like a jacket to me….

I do hope, for my sake, somebody else designed it.

Having been extremely clear on this point, I would like to say, this denim jacket, or any cheaper version of it, since this one is very expensive, will be great with soo many things, it will be worth having it. I imagine it on a dress, any dress, on a skirt + shirt, trousers, even denim ones…on anything really! It just is so chic!! (which is why I need it NOT to be by V.B.)…



A little pink

I have decided I would really like to share more than just fashion pictures with you. You see, I often come across great ideas for the house, beautiful rooms or accessories…. because, at the end of the day, if something is gorgeous and stylish, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something to wear…

So, here is a┬ároom with a little pink in it. I rather surprised myself thinking how much I liked it, since I am not exactly into that colour…



The sofa is soooo chic! I like the wrinkly fabric and the “dog accessory”, even though I would have preferred a cat… Everything else is black and white, which makes the sofa stand out, and what about all those pictures in the back?! I have always loved a room with a wall full of pictures.

Hope you like this new addition.