The perfect length

How are your knees?

Are you the lucky owner of a “V shaped knee” (as I call it) or the less fortunate ” round knee” type? I am the latter….which means I have to be careful about the length of my skirts. I suppose it didn’t used to be this way, or rather, my knees were the same shape, obviously, but, when I was younger my legs were thinner, I had a little more muscle (not a lot mind!) and my skin was tighter and less bumpy!! I used to wear short skirts and I looked good anyway. Now it’s another matter, things have worsen, hence the importance of the skirt’s length.

Her’s an example of the V type knee:

And the round one:

Can you see what I mean?

If you get the length of your skirt right, it will make a huge difference on how you look.  Shoes are important too, so be careful with the shape and heel hight. I know I am not saying anything new or life changing, but why not look at your best if you can, that, will make an awful lot of difference on your mood!

Anyway, I suppose it’s obvious but I will say it anyway, cover the round knee. Wear something that ends just under it and if you can, a pair of shoes which make your ankles look thin too. You can go for a wider sole or a point, they both help matters. The result is amazing!





Un sogno diventato realtà per le amanti della ballerina. Un tripudio di colori, forme e pellami ! Ballerette è .com ma è anche negozi. E naturalmente ce n’è uno a Bologna.

Ci sono andata e…sono tornata a casa con due paia di ballerine! Ho preferito vederle dal vivo per la prima volta, controllare che “fosse tutto oro quel che luccicava”!  La vestibiltà è direi normale, io porto un 38 e 38 ho acquistato. La qualità sembra buona, anche se il tempo dovrà confermare o smentire…Il costo: il modello base “alleggerisce” solamente di 69 euro ma si arriva anche a 189 per i modelli più particolari. Io ho preferito due paia del modello Colonna, che è la classica ballerina con punta tonda e laccetto.

É ovvio che io adoro questo tipo di scarpa, la trova estremamente chic, comoda e versatile.

Ballerette ha tinte che trovo stupende, come queste per esempio:

o queste:

Non sono meravigliose?!! Perfette anche con la gamba bianchiccia primaverile…



Basic t-shirts

Hello everybody, haven’t been writing for quite a while, I know, today though I feel like sharing a couple of links to some absolutely necessary basic t-shirts.

Whether you wear it under a sweater during Winter, under a jacket in Spring, or on its own in the Summer, you need a good t-shirt, one which will fit you properly and will not fall apart after a few washes.

I bought myself some from Massimo Dutti a while ago and I can therefore vouch for their quality. Their basic t-shirt comes in 4 colours, white, black, navy and grey, here’s the link: BASIC SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT

I love this top because it’s fitted, but not too tight, making feminine and not “tarty” looking, long enough to cover up possible “imperfections”, but not too long to making it difficult to wear it with everything. The fabric it’s lovely, soft and just the right weight (yes! not too thin but not too heavy!!). Ah, I also like the neck, just the right depth!

If you prefer instead a v-neck, here’s one from COS (white, black and navy available) : WIDE V-NECK T-SHIRT

Both companies have other basic t-shirts styles if you want to have a better look.