Speaking of socks…

So, about socks….yesterday I was telling you about my new discovery…well, I guess it isn’t strictly new, but it is for me.

Socks + shoes + skirt. What troubles me is the absence of something covering up the legs, so not sure this is actually doable. But I think I might yet give it a try. Well, that’s not my only doubt, I also wondered whether that’s a questionable choice for an over 50…We’ll see, when winter comes.

In the meantime here is what I plan to try out:

Let’s start with the right skirt:

I would keep it simple, something quite plain and dark, perhaps a tartan, but certainly not a bright one. I also think it best to keep to something a little loose and a classic cut. The socks look shouldn’t be overshadowed by the rest. One last thing, cover the knees please. Here a few examples:

Next the shoes:

I think I’ll go for brogues, but a pair of simple short boots could be nice too:


finally socks:

woollen, plain or ribbed (preferably the large type of rib) or melange and of course short (we don’t want to end up with the “sexy Japanese young girl over the knee look”, in fact, we want quite the opposite):

I haven’t be able to find the exact look but this is the nearest:

Just pretend they are wearing lace up shoes or boots…


(btw, I have made it to the next room standing today! Not for long and not exactly straight up, but I am getting there!Not worn my husband’s socks yet though…)


The right clothes perform miracles

Today I disposed of my work clothes, white polo and skirt, for a much much more suitable dress and I felt a different person.

I hate polos and they don’t suit me. I am quite wary of white too, so, you can immagine an all white look! I don’t have a tan, not that I like it so much either, I find it sometimes rather common (so uptight of me, isn’t it?!!). A little colour is ok, but just a healthy shade of it. My hair is going grey, mind, a not so bad shade of it fortunately.

I changed into this gorgeous black COS dress (which is great with no tan), loose in all right places but not too much to make me look like I have no shape, long enough to cover my knees (they have definitely never been nice). I felt human again!

A nice pair of sandals, earrings, handbag and groomed hair/hands/feet and I was ready to face the world!



A casual sequins skirt summer look

Because sequins doesn’t always equal elegant, one can also wear a sparkly skirt without heels and make it casual with a t-shirt, a bit like the “jeans and jacket” of the ’80s!!  I loved this look I saw yesterday on a woman passing by: t-shirt, sequins skirt (very light and with a short, not excessive opening on the side) and a pair of Converse. But of course a pair of sandals could be ok too, as long as they were not heeled and had a casual look to them.

Have fun!