High neck feminine blouse + jeans + flats

Gorgeous look by Keep it chic here.


I love everything. I would not wear sandals right now though, I am certainly not prone to suffering for fashion purposes!! But of course they are a great option for later on in the season. I would also invest a little less in it, not because I don’t want to but because I can’t. So, here’s my version (with the skinny jeans option too):


Blouse, Cropped jeansShoesSkinny jeans.


Winter long sleeves

Quality is everything but attention to details is essential to make an outfit stylish. So, if you wear a gorgeous high neck jumper for example, made of cashmere perhaps (or some other excellent quality wool), and your sleeves are just right….well, it is not the same as having your sleeves a little long. And if your long sleeves have some other long sleeves showing a little underneath, it’s another one again (e.g. shirt or top) . The second two options being the stylish way to go I reckon. It just looks better! It looks more luxurious, cosier, warmer, etc. etc. Some examples:

All pictures are by DBE (DBE’s Blog) as she obviously shares my love for longer sleeves, and I love just about every one of her pictures!


Mohair knit + floral mid-length skirt + ankle boots

This is how I imagine the look:

The knit: has to be mohair or a blend because it has to be reasonably “fluffy” looking. Any shape will do, as long as it suits you and the skirt. I prefer the oversized kind though. Either soft shades or colour.

The skirt: has to be mid length and full, longer will do too. Wintery floral pattern if possible. Very difficult to find anything actually, perhaps not on trend right now. I found brands I have never heard of, with some weird names too…

The boots: This is where it really does get complicated. I want a pair of black flat ones, and this is easy enough. But, I would like them to have the leg part a little higher than most so that it hugs the ankle.

Here is what I have in mind in pictures:




Light pink pulloverPink pullover with ribbed trimsGrey pullover with fuzzy finishOrange pulloverBlue sweaterBeige and grey knitOasis skirtEliza J. skirtKaren skirtVictoriaswing skirtDorothy Perkins skirtLinea Bene skirtZara skirtZara bootsRAS boots, Stele boots.