Learning German..

Now, I know it is not going to be any use at all to me, not at my age, not without a job (and I won’t get one either, not one where I could make use of it), AND, always having the English language to fall back on…but I love it! I have always loved German. The reason? It’s the exact one most people hate it: I love the sound of it!!

My sister decided, loooong ago (She is a Fifty something too), she was going to do languages at University. She had already studied English and French in High School . So I convinced her she should do English and German, that way she would speak three foreign languages. I suppose I was a bit biased….She almost killed me over it!!!!!!!! It is definitely not an easy language to learn. But she did learn it, in fact, she speaks it really well, better than English AND she uses it daily in her job. So I guess she should thank me for it, ah ah ah.

I instead, learned only English. But, I was always sorry I didn’t get to learn the language I adored.

Back to present day now. I have been looking to returning to work for a while now and, in the process, I have come across some courses designed (theoretically though) to help people to get back into the system. One of these was a German course. I had to try it!

Well, that was soo much fun! After one month and 36 hours ( or was it 32? I don’t know, I just know it was an exciting though tough month!) I know this: it’s bloody difficult, there are a lot of words though that sound like the English ones, I will never manage to say much more than ” my name is E. and I come from Italy”, and I LOVE IT!!!!

So, I have decided to have private lessons. I found this amazing, “psycho” as I am woman, who now teaches me the language. I love her too, we just have such a laugh! It has taken almost two months to get to the end of Unit 1 but who cares! B.t.w., experts say, all this learning is good for the brain of Fifty something….

Auf wiedersehen!




Hello everybody,

I keep on disappearing, I know.  I went off writing on my blog….again …and again, several times in fact! I thought, there must be a reason and I think I have worked it out.  The thing is, it’s a time in my life where a lot of changes are taking place, mainly in my head, but also in my body, yuck!

I have always loved fashion and I always will, but it’s not enough anymore. It was nice to have a parallel life, one where I wore all of those gorgeous clothes, but the reality is very different now. I mainly wear house clothes (what a terrible term!!), sport clothes (this sounds much more glamorous than the previous one but it isn’t, I only go walking!!) and occasionally, as in a lot less than the first two, I actually wear decent clothes, even though just to go to the supermarket! Ah ah ah (sad laugh here).

I must accept I am not the person I used to be and I am getting older, as everyone does, one hopes! God, I sound soo serious!! I really don’t want it to be though, in fact, I want to start writing about my everyday life (only the interesting bits though), as a “FIFTY SOMETHING”, one who wants to have a laugh about things and wants to smile an awful lot more! I am done with serious and sad. Enough of that for everybody, every day. I am done with politically correct and nice to people at all costs. I don’t intend to offend anyone, not on purpose at least, but I want to speak without worrying constantly about people’s reaction.

Another matter. I am Italian but, having a husband who is a native English speaker, I sometimes think in that language. I don’t know why but I prefer to write in English when speaking about clothes. I suppose it just depends in which language I have read something about a specific subject, whether I have spoken to somebody about something (usually Italian here as I live in Italy) or what my mood is in that moment, for that matter! So, all this to say I am probably going to write in both languages and, for now, not bother translating into the other.

Here comes the next thing on my list: I do not have the kind of followers’ number in order for me to require translating what I write in the other language. Also, I am going to do this rambling on mainly for myself, I kind of need it. Difficult to explain why, perhaps i will understand that too soon…Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t care about people liking what I write, that would be insincere of me, I do, just not enough to work too hard at it though.

So, here we are, I have published my first “FIFTY SOMETHING” post!!