Fur collar and cuffs

miss-selfridge-faux-fur-cuff-and-collar-coat I saw a woman yesterday wearing a marvellous fitted, belted coat, trimmed with fur at the collar and the cuffs and I immediately fancied one! I have  looked for images all over the web and I have come up with very little… Some have coats with a fur collar but no cuffs, others even have cuffs by themselves, only one with both!! This will not stop me from having what I want though, it can always be made. In fact, I have an old coat I don’t wear anymore which would be just perfect with the addition of “furry bits”! I was thinking I might just have the cuffs sewn on, wouldn’t it look chic?! And, when I want the collar as well, I will just use one of those gorgeous ones you can just tie around your neck (which I already own).

Now, I think it is probably best to keep to a similar colour for the coat and the fur in order for it to look sophisticated and be easier to match, e.g. black with black/grey fur, camel with browns and so on, although it is not always the case…


Difficult to say which one I would have, but I especially like the navy with navy collar one, the “fun” checked coat and would also love to have the huge collar the woman with the hat has and the denim jacket… almost all, as I said!



Jeans: no rules

Since it is time for jeans again, well, I was thinking… how are we going to wear them this winter? Rolled up? Turned up? No hem? Jeans used to be just like trousers, a plain old-fashioned hem would do. imagesThen fashion started with all of those different washes and the classic hem became a bit frayed. Now, well… now everything is possible! It is mostly about not having the hem done at all, it seems, I suppose, easier, not in the least because that way you can adapt them to any kind of shoe, or fashion moment for that matter! So, if one is wearing high heel, one might decide to let it all down, or roll it up to ankle length; if you have flats you might turn it up by a good 10/15 cm for instance.

Here are some photos you can get ideas from:

There is this other option:


which is a bit extreme as I see it, but you can do something similar and look chic instead then scruffy :

Sonia RykielThese have the same look but are much more elegant! I also quite like the beaded hem, or you could even try with some contrast thick stitching.

I think I might try the stitching and the “I used to have a hem on these jeans but now they are too short so I have let it down” options this winter.



I know now isn’t really the time to speak about collars, it is far too hot.  I don’t even wear my watch anymore… but

I came across “collars” on Pinterest by chance. I am fascinated by it.

It’s amazing how many different ones there are, how gorgeous, AND the difference they make to a shirt/sweater/dress etc. Whether they are simple, or just the opposite, embellished, an unusual cut, they are all very interesting, I find.

Here are some.. well, lots actually:

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Amazed?!? I was, I had no idea there were so many and such beautiful ones!!!!

Did you spot the intruder by the way? I couldn’t resist it… There also may be some that have been put twice…

I especially like the idea of having different detachable collars to wear on lots of different Colin-Firth-Mr-Darcy-Pride-and-Prejudice-colin-firth-16177816-1346-2047clothes. Love the ruffle type with ties, to add as if it were a scarf ( note to self to cut collars from stained or out of favour shirts and perhaps add to them stones or similar ), but I like them all really… Oh, I also love the idea of the shirt’s collar up and a silk scarf wound around it (in or out the actual collar), a bit Mr. Darcy’s! 1800s circa. I have always had a weakness for cravats… I like the string around the put up collar too (see above gallery for all mentioned).

I want to try the haberdashery for a lace detachable collar, even though that won’t be an easy task, tasteful lace is difficult to come about…



Here’s also a few guides of types of necklines or collars:

Neckline fashion vocabulary

Type of collars

I have to wait for Autumn and winter now.