Zara’s white shirt

You probably have lots of of white shirts already, but how can you say no to such a cute, cheap beauty?!!

The sleeves are fantastic!! 

link: Zara’s white shirt



Pink love

I am not a pink person. I have fallen in love with a pink bag though. Gianni Chiarini, quality and taste.


Denim shirt (but looks like a jacket)

I never thought I would have shared a piece by Victoria Beckham with you, but, as hard as it is to say it, I really like this shirt, which actually looks more like a jacket to me….

I do hope, for my sake, somebody else designed it.

Having been extremely clear on this point, I would like to say, this denim jacket, or any cheaper version of it, since this one is very expensive, will be great with soo many things, it will be worth having it. I imagine it on a dress, any dress, on a skirt + shirt, trousers, even denim ones…on anything really! It just is so chic!! (which is why I need it NOT to be by V.B.)…