A Spring blouse

Fiori_01I keep on saying I don’t like colour but I haven’t realised, until now,  I wear it more and more. Age? Probably. Wisdom? Certainly!!

Anyhow, here is blouse which will make your jeans look very much “Spring is here”:

& Other Stories Silk Shirt red

& Other Stories Silk Shirt red




The latest white shirts

I do go on about white shirts a lot, I know. But, let’s be honest, we never seem to have enough of them; the time we see a new style, or we realise we are missing a classic one … and they do go with just about everything (like jeans). Of course mid-season, I find, is the perfect time for shirts.

It’s nearly autumn, one can start adding things…a scarf, a string of pearls, a waistcoat, a jacket, etc. I do think a look is better with more than two things, or colours, for that matter.

Anyhow, here are the latest designs I found and like:

They are all nice to wear on their own, because they are so beautiful, but some will look nice with yesterday’s waistcoats too. Others will look fabulous with a long pearl necklace. Jeans are always a great match, but I especially like them with skirts lately.

My favourites are the Atterley, Babaton e the Zara frilly one!


Atterley blouse, Babaton silk blouse, Apiece Apart blouse, Thomas Mason shirt, Hobbs shirt, Closed Silk blouse, Thomas Mason tuxedo shirt, Zara blouse with bow, Zara t-shirt, Zara top with frills.



The white shirt

The weather is really playing up, which translates into: what the …. am I going to wear today?!! Too hot for wool sweaters or dresses, too cold for t-shirts…


there we are, it’s shirts time again! I find mid-season is the right moment for this garment. There are so many nice ones around but, nothing beats a white shirt. I assume most of us has at least one… although it really isn’t enough, is it?  I have had my usual look around and it seems there’s a lot of silk available,  which is always very nice if a little delicate…

Anyway, I am a bit fed up I must say with classic shirts, so, I have tried to find some alternatives, which are mostly without collar. If you were to dress in one with a collar though, these are the rules I follow:

1 looks best with your hair up otherwise it all becomes too busy

&Other stories silk blouse

&Other stories silk blouse

2 were you to wear earings, they should be small, on the lobe only and simple



3 if the shirt is very “manly” , especially if cotton or anyway a stiff looking fabric (opposite of silky fabrics), I don’t love the match with other manly clothes. I prefer therefore a skirt or feminine looking trousers. If you want to wear a jacket with it, change shirt or at least wear a silk one!

MY PERSONAL RULES for white shirts in general, with or without collar, etc.

1 it is worth investing some money in it, unless it is a style you feel sure it will either go out of fashion soon or you will get fed up with quickly

2 unless made to go on top of your skirt/trousers, I think it should be worn inside, not too tucked in nor too little.  I put it in and then lift my arms up, that, for me, is just the right amount of “out”! Don’t forget a belt if wearing trousers with loops!

3 never too tight,  it really looks awful when you see those bulges at the sides!!!!!! Of course, if your chest is generous I would avoid low-cut ones and the opposite too.

4 if the very loose kind and perhaps long too,  wear something much tighter and lengthening on your legs.

5 it is true white goes with everything but… well, I like it with :

a. black for the evening, difficult instead for day time wear, the risk is to look too elegant or worse,  funeral/waiter look.

b. I always love it with denim.

c. very nice with a pattern too

d. don’t like generally with other light colours although love it with light grey and beige

e. ok with navy, green and brown.

f. don’t like it with red, yellow or bright colours in general.

Well, that’s all that comes to mind for now.