The latest white shirts

I do go on about white shirts a lot, I know. But, let’s be honest, we never seem to have enough of them; the time we see a new style, or we realise we are missing a classic one … and they do go with just about everything (like jeans). Of course mid-season, I find, is the perfect time for shirts.

It’s nearly autumn, one can start adding things…a scarf, a string of pearls, a waistcoat, a jacket, etc. I do think a look is better with more than two things, or colours, for that matter.

Anyhow, here are the latest designs I found and like:

They are all nice to wear on their own, because they are so beautiful, but some will look nice with yesterday’s waistcoats too. Others will look fabulous with a long pearl necklace. Jeans are always a great match, but I especially like them with skirts lately.

My favourites are the Atterley, Babaton e the Zara frilly one!


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