The (Gucci) loafer

I have always wanted a pair of Gucci loafers but I will never own a pair. Today, I have come across a much cheaper pair which I think would be an alternative to them:

TOPSHOP KARTER Loafer in black

TOPSHOP KARTER Loafer in black

They are nothing like the real thing, but hey! they are a fraction of the price and the shape is there. I also always love a great denim skirt, which, surprisingly enough (!!) looks very nice with loafers…

And if you want to stand out a little more:

Or the other way around, mix the light skirt with the garish shoes and do very classic with dark & dark…

(if you can buy the real shoe though, do so!! Just not the hairy one please)


Black loafersBlack denim skirtPink loafers, Blue denim skirt

“Keep it Chic” comfortable look

I saw this look a few days ago :  Keep it chic’s comfortable run-around

and it reminded me how fond I am of the classic cashmere sweater + shirt + jeans + loafers look. It’s a look which never goes out of fashion and it’s ever so chic!

So I decided, even though I loved it, to adapt it even more to my liking. I kept the gorgeous sweater in a different colour and the jeans (they are over my budget but I must admit I was too lazy to find a pair of similar ones). The shoes are gorgeous but, again, out of my reach price wise, so I did find some other pairs. I decided to lose the bag and the sunglasses. The first because I am not finding anything I like and is affordable at the moment, the second because I think it’s daft to wear sunglasses as there is NO sun to be seen around here at the moment… (well, I was thinking about me for this look…)

Cashmere sweater + white shirt + jeans + loafers

Here are some more lovely colours for the jumper:

and some shoes too, which include a pair of amazing clear ones! (even though I adore the classic cognac loafer)

I am not going to show you any more jeans or white shirts as I suspect you own rather a few already you could use, as I do!!




J.Crew cashmere long sleeve t-shirtJeffrey Campbell clear loaferBass Weejuns penny loafersMango loafersCole Haan penny loafer

Autumn shoes too…

Well, of course I am going to talk about shoes!
Shoes, these days, are “a girl’s best friends”, since we can’t really have diamonds anymore. Never actually been interested in diamonds to be honest, but shoes? Never have enough!!!

So, as I said in the previous post, autumn wear isn’t that exciting, in order to make it different, accessories are the way to go.

Ballerinas are going pointy this season, which is good, even if one wears flats, with that nice “extension” at the front, we will all be able to look taller and thinner! The colours are nice too, navy, grey and colours. I even like, for the first time in my life I think, the ivory ones, in fact, I really like them!

Pretty ballerinas brown, grey, petrol suede ballet pumps

Pretty ballerinas grey, navy ballet pumps

Zara evening ballerinas

Zara khaki, ivory ballet pump

Zara chestnut, orange, yellow ballet pumps

The other shoes I think should never be missing from one’s wardrobe are the lace-ups. I adore the Dutti brogues…

Dutti, Pier One, Zign lace-ups autumn 2014

Loafers are a classic and back on the stage…

Zara and Dutti loafers


I am afraid, as usual, I left out heels, I can’t help it, I prefer flats. Anyway, I don’t like high heel shoes with jeans, they look too ’80s…