The (Gucci) loafer

I have always wanted a pair of Gucci loafers but I will never own a pair. Today, I have come across a much cheaper pair which I think would be an alternative to them:

TOPSHOP KARTER Loafer in black

TOPSHOP KARTER Loafer in black

They are nothing like the real thing, but hey! they are a fraction of the price and the shape is there. I also always love a great denim skirt, which, surprisingly enough (!!) looks very nice with loafers…

And if you want to stand out a little more:

Or the other way around, mix the light skirt with the garish shoes and do very classic with dark & dark…

(if you can buy the real shoe though, do so!! Just not the hairy one please)


Black loafersBlack denim skirtPink loafers, Blue denim skirt