“Keep it Chic” comfortable look

I saw this look a few days ago :  Keep it chic’s comfortable run-around

and it reminded me how fond I am of the classic cashmere sweater + shirt + jeans + loafers look. It’s a look which never goes out of fashion and it’s ever so chic!

So I decided, even though I loved it, to adapt it even more to my liking. I kept the gorgeous sweater in a different colour and the jeans (they are over my budget but I must admit I was too lazy to find a pair of similar ones). The shoes are gorgeous but, again, out of my reach price wise, so I did find some other pairs. I decided to lose the bag and the sunglasses. The first because I am not finding anything I like and is affordable at the moment, the second because I think it’s daft to wear sunglasses as there is NO sun to be seen around here at the moment… (well, I was thinking about me for this look…)

Cashmere sweater + white shirt + jeans + loafers

Here are some more lovely colours for the jumper:

and some shoes too, which include a pair of amazing clear ones! (even though I adore the classic cognac loafer)

I am not going to show you any more jeans or white shirts as I suspect you own rather a few already you could use, as I do!!




J.Crew cashmere long sleeve t-shirtJeffrey Campbell clear loaferBass Weejuns penny loafersMango loafersCole Haan penny loafer


Double denim

Double denim has been around for a while but I had never tried it. Until yesterday morning that is. The weather didn’t look too good, it had been raining during the night but the temperature was ok. I didn’t actually set out to dress in total denim but ended up with it! Anyway, enough of the how and why…

Here, similar to what I eventually wore:

Dark double denim look


The basics were a darkish stretch fitted shirt and boyfriend jeans with a similar coloured belt. It almost looked like an all in one. I wore burgundy flats.

But you could do a lighter version:


Or perhaps a skirt version (which I really fancy by the way!!!!)

Dark double denim look with skirt


Double denim look with skirt E.

Pretend it’s Spring

Let’s pretend it’s Spring! images Because it really isn’t yet, is it? But we all want it to be, some of us because they don’t like the cold and most of us just because we want to wear something different! I love winter clothes, don’t get me wrong, but even I am fed up with wearing them, my mind screams for something new!!!!!

The problem is the temperature just doesn’t let us fulfil our fantasies…so, what’s a woman to do? Well, we can cheat!! While keeping warm, we can at least look like we have a Spring look.

Make-up: surely you can start using fresher colours rather than wintery ones like grey and black, your eyes are asking for brighter shades. Your nails too, but enough with those bold colours, use a nice off white, pale pink, something chic.trucco-occhi-ombretto-celeste

Hair: perhaps a new haircut? Something a bit more daring?! Shorter?Cute-haircuts-really-short-hair Don’t you just get fed up looking at the same image in the mirror day after day? Change! That’s what needed!! Anyway, after a certain age shorter hair makes you look younger..

 Clothes colours:

do put away all of those brown, dark green, grey and black (well.. some of it!). Use instead lighter shades like pearl grey, navy,  blue, beige, a touch of white or pink (nice pink, not girly pink though) etc. Have a look at Filippa K to see the colours I am talking about: http://www.filippa-k.com/en/woman/new-arrivals

Brights in your accessories perhaps?!

Fabrics: even though your favourite tartan/tweed skirt doesn’t keep you that warm, it looks terribly warm, so away it goes. Quilted always looks wintery, so does fur, camel coats, velvet, corduroy, etc. Bring out your short leather jacket instead (better if not brown or black) or, if you can take the morning chill, your raincoat. Otherwise a lightweight coat, in a nice shade though.

Obviously it is time for denim, gorgeous with suede:

 Scarves: away all the however beautiful woollen scarves and out those colourful silk square scarves! Terribly nice used as belt for your jeans too.



 Tights & socks: NO, it’s as simple as that. Bare legs only. So I suppose that means trousers for now…

Shoes: Ooohhhh, my favourite subject!!! I don’t particularly like boots during winter, so I suggest you put them in a nice box in the garage. Ankle boots have been in fashion even during summer in the last few years but I think that’s daft! I would start with ballerinas or mules.

Pretty ballerinas slip-ons aqua

Pretty ballerinas slip-ons aqua


Handbag:  suede?

Zara Suede bucket bag with braided strap

Zara Suede bucket bag with braided strap



Or my new love?!?!? It doesn’t really look very Spring like, does it?! Actually, it’s better than that, it’s an all year around bag…as it should be for that price, a few years’ worth of bags!

Gucci Lady web original GG canvas shoulder bag

Gucci Lady web original GG canvas shoulder bag