Denim shirt

This morning I woke up with an acute need for a denim shirt. So I started looking on-line, just to get an idea of what’s available.

Here are my requirements: it needs to be loose but feminine, with a collar but not too stiff, fabric has to be cotton and has to be thin but not too much (and it does need to be cotton, other fabrics won’t do, they just don’t have the same look), it also needs to be mid blue, buttons can’t be cheap looking…Not that I am fussy…well, perhaps a tiny bit!

Here are my finds:


This is my first choice

But this is not too bad, although a little too light blue…

This an alternative which has nothing to do with what I was looking for but, there you are, things don’t always go as planned!!





Denim shirt (but looks like a jacket)

I never thought I would have shared a piece by Victoria Beckham with you, but, as hard as it is to say it, I really like this shirt, which actually looks more like a jacket to me….

I do hope, for my sake, somebody else designed it.

Having been extremely clear on this point, I would like to say, this denim jacket, or any cheaper version of it, since this one is very expensive, will be great with soo many things, it will be worth having it. I imagine it on a dress, any dress, on a skirt + shirt, trousers, even denim ones…on anything really! It just is so chic!! (which is why I need it NOT to be by V.B.)…


Double denim

Double denim has been around for a while but I had never tried it. Until yesterday morning that is. The weather didn’t look too good, it had been raining during the night but the temperature was ok. I didn’t actually set out to dress in total denim but ended up with it! Anyway, enough of the how and why…

Here, similar to what I eventually wore:

Dark double denim look


The basics were a darkish stretch fitted shirt and boyfriend jeans with a similar coloured belt. It almost looked like an all in one. I wore burgundy flats.

But you could do a lighter version:


Or perhaps a skirt version (which I really fancy by the way!!!!)

Dark double denim look with skirt


Double denim look with skirt E.