Burt orange, rust, burgundy and blues

Back from my last summer holiday and already wishing autumn was sooner…

I am terribly excited about the new colours for the cold season, right now about these specific ones: burnt orange, rust, burgundy and blue. Some people might think I am a bit mad, I am so crazy about these shades and combinations of them, I can hardly wait to wear them! Imagine somebody looking at a famous painting and admiring it, feeling it’s one of the most beautiful things they have ever seen… well, that’s how I feel. Because I don’t think there’s a difference, if something is beautiful, it just is, no matter what it is. It could be a painting, a tree, a bird, or a combination of colours!!

Enough! Here they are:

Burgundy + imperial blue

Burnt orange and norse blue

Finery Hargrave Satin Wide Leg Trousers in rust

Finery Hargrave Satin Wide Leg Trousers in rust

I hate orange. But, provided it is matched with the right colours, I love these darker shades of orange. Blue, I like just about every shade available.