Burt orange, rust, burgundy and blues

Back from my last summer holiday and already wishing autumn was sooner…

I am terribly excited about the new colours for the cold season, right now about these specific ones: burnt orange, rust, burgundy and blue. Some people might think I am a bit mad, I am so crazy about these shades and combinations of them, I can hardly wait to wear them! Imagine somebody looking at a famous painting and admiring it, feeling it’s one of the most beautiful things they have ever seen… well, that’s how I feel. Because I don’t think there’s a difference, if something is beautiful, it just is, no matter what it is. It could be a painting, a tree, a bird, or a combination of colours!!

Enough! Here they are:

Burgundy + imperial blue

Burnt orange and norse blue

Finery Hargrave Satin Wide Leg Trousers in rust

Finery Hargrave Satin Wide Leg Trousers in rust

I hate orange. But, provided it is matched with the right colours, I love these darker shades of orange. Blue, I like just about every shade available.




Beige, white, black and bright blue

Another sighting….another match!Black, white, beige and bright blue 3
This time the woman was wearing mainly beige, a white top and a black jacket. The only bright colour was a rather shiny “electric” blue tote. I liked it, I don’t love that shade of blue, as a matter of fact, I would never buy anything in that colour other than accessories.

The outfit with the bag

Black, white, beige and bright blue


The outfit with the shoes

Black, white, beige and bright blue 2


Some alternatives

A belt in that shade would be nice too.

Hope you like it!


P.S. Don’t even think about wearing matching shoes/bag/belt !!