Basic t-shirts

Hello everybody, haven’t been writing for quite a while, I know, today though I feel like sharing a couple of links to some absolutely necessary basic t-shirts.

Whether you wear it under a sweater during Winter, under a jacket in Spring, or on its own in the Summer, you need a good t-shirt, one which will fit you properly and will not fall apart after a few washes.

I bought myself some from Massimo Dutti a while ago and I can therefore vouch for their quality. Their basic t-shirt comes in 4 colours, white, black, navy and grey, here’s the link: BASIC SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT

I love this top because it’s fitted, but not too tight, making feminine and not “tarty” looking, long enough to cover up possible “imperfections”, but not too long to making it difficult to wear it with everything. The fabric it’s lovely, soft and just the right weight (yes! not too thin but not too heavy!!). Ah, I also like the neck, just the right depth!

If you prefer instead a v-neck, here’s one from COS (white, black and navy available) : WIDE V-NECK T-SHIRT

Both companies have other basic t-shirts styles if you want to have a better look.


The missing item. The t-shirt

I don’t know you but I always seem to be out of basic t-shirts. Every season I think “big”, I think about finding the right jacket, trousers, jumper, etc. I spend a long time looking for just the right style/quality/price. I eventually buy these garments and I think I am set to go!
Only I am not…..
See, whatever one decides to wear, there is, almost always, a t-shirt involved or at least this is the case for me!
So, getting back to basic t-shirts, I decided to have a look for myself and stock up on a few basic styles and colours.
When I say basic though I don’t exactly mean a simple round neck short-sleeved cotton t-shirt… here we are speaking about an item which needs to look nice with day clothes NOT gym clothes!
I believe one should have a selection of t-shirts in the colours which are obviously going to go with the rest of their clothes, in a nice fabric, fit and slightly unusual in the cut/style. Therefore, the following tops are intended for use with cardigans/jumpers and jackets, otherwise with clothes that need something very simple e.g. patterned trousers…
Having established that, I can show you what I mean/like/would love to own:





I was going to put some navy t-shirts too but I haven’t actually found any unfortunately.

Anyway, this is it regarding the subject. Perhaps later on in winter I will have a look at long-sleeved t-shirts too.