The missing item. The t-shirt

I don’t know you but I always seem to be out of basic t-shirts. Every season I think “big”, I think about finding the right jacket, trousers, jumper, etc. I spend a long time looking for just the right style/quality/price. I eventually buy these garments and I think I am set to go!
Only I am not…..
See, whatever one decides to wear, there is, almost always, a t-shirt involved or at least this is the case for me!
So, getting back to basic t-shirts, I decided to have a look for myself and stock up on a few basic styles and colours.
When I say basic though I don’t exactly mean a simple round neck short-sleeved cotton t-shirt… here we are speaking about an item which needs to look nice with day clothes NOT gym clothes!
I believe one should have a selection of t-shirts in the colours which are obviously going to go with the rest of their clothes, in a nice fabric, fit and slightly unusual in the cut/style. Therefore, the following tops are intended for use with cardigans/jumpers and jackets, otherwise with clothes that need something very simple e.g. patterned trousers…
Having established that, I can show you what I mean/like/would love to own:





I was going to put some navy t-shirts too but I haven’t actually found any unfortunately.

Anyway, this is it regarding the subject. Perhaps later on in winter I will have a look at long-sleeved t-shirts too.