“All dark” look

I was watching an episode of my current series of choice (I do tend to stick to one and see it through to the end of it), when, as often happens, I got distracted by clothes….

She was wearing an all dark look. The outfit not being special, it was a simple jacket, a shirt, trousers and ballerinas. But that’s not the point. The point was the contrast between the all dark clothes and her blond hair! That looked magnificent!! So, in order to make it work, you need to be blond really…ah ah ah! Perhaps grey hair would make a pass too here.

Here is my proposal:

Some might find it too simple, I simply find it very chic.

All from Massimo Dutti, apart from the shoes.



I can never get enough, I love ballerinas! Here are the latest pair I wish I could have:

Soft leather and laces can be removed. By Massimo Dutti.

If you want them Here is the link.


Basic t-shirts

Hello everybody, haven’t been writing for quite a while, I know, today though I feel like sharing a couple of links to some absolutely necessary basic t-shirts.

Whether you wear it under a sweater during Winter, under a jacket in Spring, or on its own in the Summer, you need a good t-shirt, one which will fit you properly and will not fall apart after a few washes.

I bought myself some from Massimo Dutti a while ago and I can therefore vouch for their quality. Their basic t-shirt comes in 4 colours, white, black, navy and grey, here’s the link: BASIC SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT

I love this top because it’s fitted, but not too tight, making feminine and not “tarty” looking, long enough to cover up possible “imperfections”, but not too long to making it difficult to wear it with everything. The fabric it’s lovely, soft and just the right weight (yes! not too thin but not too heavy!!). Ah, I also like the neck, just the right depth!

If you prefer instead a v-neck, here’s one from COS (white, black and navy available) : WIDE V-NECK T-SHIRT

Both companies have other basic t-shirts styles if you want to have a better look.