Face masks

I was going to write about masks, listing kinds, comfort, etc. A study. But I can’t be bothered. What I want to say is: I can’t possibly go on wearing those awful surgical masks. Can you?  Btw, I didn’t have many, so I was disinfecting them after each use, resulting in a fine hairy layer on the inside, which constantly tickled my nose!!

If I have to keep on wearing something on my face, it must at least look decent and comfy! So, here is my experience since buying some:

I have already made a correction to one! This is what I got:

They are too tight around my head. Do I have a big head? I didn’t think so until a few days ago. Am I a person who likes comfort? Yes, definitely. I have therefore cut the elastic and changed the system, it now goes around my ears. That means they stick out very slightly, so, DO NOT do this if yours are already Dumbolike! The other reason I did this is that I’d like to breathe. There are several layers of fabric, the outer part is just the pretty one, the inside instead is the material which prevents the little bastards going through and infecting you. Now the elastic is around my ears, a little oxygen gets through …The fact they have those pleats is good, you can adjust them so you have more space where you need it (big nose anybody?!!). When you have them around your ears they also cover less of your face. But of course if you wish to walk around  incognito….better keep them as they are. Careful though, you can’t see a lot, you might miss a step and end up in hospital, the last place where you want to be right now!!

Mine are washable of course. I have washed one yesterday, by hand. The inside layers, which were nicely ironed in pleats, mirroring the outside, are not there anymore…I am a little worried this will now annoy my so delicate face. I am wearing it again tomorrow, I will let you know.

One last warning: if you wear glasses and you also want to breathe at the same time, you cannot expect to see. I think you should change to contact lenses.

So, overall not terribly happy with what I got, still better than the surgical masks though.

Next I’d like to try this kind out:

Has anybody found a site which sells this type and uses cute fabrics? European sites please! Although I might just wait for the shops to open…












If you wear glasses you are f…d. They steam up!


Long distance walks

No, it’s not what you think. I do not walk far from home.

The idea came to me last week. I was talking to my Mum, 78 and in great shape. She was moaning though, about having put on weight lately, who hasn’t?!! She still cares about the way she looks, which can only be good. So I told her she ought to go walking. Only she doesn’t like to go on her own. That’s when I had a great idea: we could go together. And no, it’s not what you think, again. She lives about 250 kms from me.

I told her to get hold of some earphones, the easy kind, the ones with a wire, and we could start walking at the same time and entertain each other while doing it, as if we were together. It is well known women can find something to speak about for hours on end, even now,  stuck at home with nothing to tell about our boring day.

So the day comes. We haven’t decided the time because I might have something else to do beforehand, but we agreed we would speak early morning and I would tell her when I could do it. So I call her, around 9 (that’s early morning for her!!), to tell her 10.30 would be ideal. She answer straight away and says she is ready to go, at 9. “Sorry Mum, I can’t until 10.30, I inform her.


10.30 comes. No answer. I try again, a few minutes later, no luck. I have started walking meantime, I want to exercise for an hour. I try the landline and my father answers the phone. Where is Mum? I ask. He says: she has gone for a walk with E. P. and has the earphones with her, which she is not able to work! E.P. being her friend who leaves nearby. Who has just had hip surgery. Who couldn’t go with her anyway because of the 200 metres rule (as in one can’t walk farther from home) and because one is supposed to go on his own, not with somebody else. Why would she need earphones to go walking with her friend, is obviously a further question my Dad did not ask himself. Yes, my Dad is rather deaf. My Mum probably told him what she was going to do and with whom, only he caught a few words and made up the missing parts!  I say nothing and try again my Mum, no bloody answer. I am about to give up, when she calls me. I answer, only I can’t hear her. Oh god, she is probably not getting on too well with the earphones…She calls again, and again, no sound comes from the other end. She finally calls and I can hear her, she is not using “the bloody ear things” she says, they don’t work. So I suggest she tries again and pushes in properly the pin in her phone and….magic!!!! We can talk to each other now, we can start chatting!!!!

We had a very nice walk. My neighbours probably know every little detail about my life (I was walking around the house where I live, 10 flats in all).  We did our exercise in company, good company. Tomorrow we are going again.






Update on the earbuds v. earphones

Back in December, I was given new earbuds as a much welcome, but demanding present: here, if you want to refresh your memory, or you need to know what the ….. I am going on about

I now wish to update you. My sons and I, have come to the conclusion the earbuds are always going to fall out my ears in the least appropriate of moments or/and the least appropriate of places. Less frequently yes, nonetheless always too bloody often! Moreover, we have established they are far too big for my small, feminine, delicate, posh ears. Actually, I realised all this only when E., my older son, let me try his ones. They wound me up for weeks I couldn’t keep the bloody things in, when they had it all sooo easy!!!

I managed to put AND keep E.’s earbuds in straight away!!!!!! See, they are a completely different shape. This is what I have:

and this is what THEY have:

You may not see a big difference just looking at the pictures but I assure you there is a huge one! The first ones have to enter your ears almost completely, the second ones, only the point goes in and the little stick underneath lays gently against your lobe, holding them into place without effort.

So, all the time the were laughing at me, they were showing off using the nice and easy version!!!!!! To be fair now, I must tell you, E. has given me his old ones to try out, to see if I get on better, with the promise I can keep them if I prefer them. Which is nice, even though I am not sure I am prepared to forgive them for winding me up so much!