Update on the earbuds v. earphones

Back in December, I was given new earbuds as a much welcome, but demanding present: here, if you want to refresh your memory, or you need to know what the ….. I am going on about

I now wish to update you. My sons and I, have come to the conclusion the earbuds are always going to fall out my ears in the least appropriate of moments or/and the least appropriate of places. Less frequently yes, nonetheless always too bloody often! Moreover, we have established they are far too big for my small, feminine, delicate, posh ears. Actually, I realised all this only when E., my older son, let me try his ones. They wound me up for weeks I couldn’t keep the bloody things in, when they had it all sooo easy!!!

I managed to put AND keep E.’s earbuds in straight away!!!!!! See, they are a completely different shape. This is what I have:

and this is what THEY have:

You may not see a big difference just looking at the pictures but I assure you there is a huge one! The first ones have to enter your ears almost completely, the second ones, only the point goes in and the little stick underneath lays gently against your lobe, holding them into place without effort.

So, all the time the were laughing at me, they were showing off using the nice and easy version!!!!!! To be fair now, I must tell you, E. has given me his old ones to try out, to see if I get on better, with the promise I can keep them if I prefer them. Which is nice, even though I am not sure I am prepared to forgive them for winding me up so much!