I know I said I was becoming very technological, using Goggle Maps, paying with my phone, etc. etc. But, let me tell you, wireless earbuds are all together another matter!

I received a pair as a Christmas present. Apparently, my sons thought it was a brilliant idea for me. Which I am not disputing, on the contrary, I had actually thought about buying them myself. You see, I get phone calls while I am at home, doing things around the house. I might be cooking for example, or folding clothes, or ironing, things which don’t require a lot of thinking, therefore I am happy to entertain myself with something else while doing them. Now, with the earphones with a wire, all of these things become quite tricky. First of all, you need a pocket where to put your phone (which, in women’s clothes isn’t necessarily there), you also need to be careful with the long wires, as they easily get caught, try and load the dishwasher and you’ll understand!

Another “activity” I do with earphones is watching Netflix on the computer. I suppose having the wire here isn’t as bad as in the other cases, just annoying and time wasting. Say you want to get up to get a drink, you need to take the earphones out.

So, I was very happy with my present. Until I tried to use them that is.

It took me days to manage to put them in. I just couldn’t understand how! It sounds very silly this but, have you tried? They are rather big and you have to manage to fit them in your ear in the right position, which, well, who knows what it is?! Having finally inserted the damn things in the ever so small niche, you would think they would have stayed there. But, no! They fell out countless times. One at a time, every 2 to 3 minutes. Try and have a conversation if you can! Not to mention how many times, trying to prevent them from dropping out for the nth time, I ended the phone call. Because, you see, you only need to touch them to do that. So, how are you supposed to stop them from leaving your body, without bloody touching them?! For days, whenever I would have important phone calls, I would revert back to my old faithfully wire…

Another aspect you cannot underestimate, is the possibility they might fall in a place where you cannot retrive them, the toilet for example. Well, when you watch a film, do you not need the loo sometimes? I have learnt to take them off now, and put them in my pockets. The right pocket. Otherwise they get mixed up, and since there’s a left and a right one, than you would have to check which one is which, and if you need glasses to read like me, well, it’s a waste of time, isn’t it? And I was trying to save it and have less hassle…

I tried with the computer too. Here as well, I stopped and started what I was watching numerous times, lowered the volume, I don’t actually know how. Btw, have you tried eating something while you have them in? Apart from the fact they are more likely to slowly come out, you can hear every noise you make munching!!

This process has taken me a month. I can now say I can wear them in less than 10 seconds (which is still a little too long to answer a phone call really) and they stay in, most of times. Now I feel like I have tamed them and I have successfully gone wireless!