The half tuck

I have finally bought (and received),  the most gorgeous and long-awaited striped oversized shirt, here it is:

&Other Stories OVERSIZED SHIRT blue

&Other Stories OVERSIZED SHIRT blue

I do like it very much. I haven’t actually worn it yet, so perhaps I should wait before making such a statement, but I CAN say my first impression is really good, we’ll see in time whether I do end up using it a lot.

Now, I need some colder weather though… I am looking forward to wearing it with a pair of jeans or trousers for a more elegant, if a little boring, look. Plus I would like to try what is now called “the half tuck”, not necessarily every time I use my new shirt though.

This is it:

White shirt half tucked in jeans

This is the one I prefer, with the shirt tucked in at the front only. But I will perhaps try this next one too, with the shirt tucked in just on one side:

I fancy the trousers match more, although one could argue the skirt match is certainly a newer look.

Now let’s hope in the weather…


The striped shirt

As every year, around about this time, I am fed up with almost everything trendy and I start looking back at classics.

Striped man's shirt with skirt


The striped shirt is certainly one of them.

DBE striped shirt with jeans

(look at the sandals and then read previous post)



I haven’t owned one for a while but I am starting to fancy it again. Here’s some I have prepared earlier…

By the way, I do think the shirt should be “boyfriend” sizing… although as in all things there are exceptions (see bottom).

Blue is always the best but I quite like these colours too

and this is the intruder…such a nice one though!



I do love it  (it’s almost a stripe, isn’t it?!?)

Striped shirts look nice with ANYTHING. Trousers, jeans, skirts, long, short, tight and wide. Comes winter they will still be nice, perhaps with an ever so classic cashmere sweater on top…