The half tuck

I have finally bought (and received),  the most gorgeous and long-awaited striped oversized shirt, here it is:

&Other Stories OVERSIZED SHIRT blue

&Other Stories OVERSIZED SHIRT blue

I do like it very much. I haven’t actually worn it yet, so perhaps I should wait before making such a statement, but I CAN say my first impression is really good, we’ll see in time whether I do end up using it a lot.

Now, I need some colder weather though… I am looking forward to wearing it with a pair of jeans or trousers for a more elegant, if a little boring, look. Plus I would like to try what is now called “the half tuck”, not necessarily every time I use my new shirt though.

This is it:

White shirt half tucked in jeans

This is the one I prefer, with the shirt tucked in at the front only. But I will perhaps try this next one too, with the shirt tucked in just on one side:

I fancy the trousers match more, although one could argue the skirt match is certainly a newer look.

Now let’s hope in the weather…