Chic & cheerful slides

Mango has a couple of really cute slides, which are also very reasonably priced:

You can find them here:

Bow slideFringe slide

Let’s face it, this year sandals are reasonably ugly or too fussy, the only way forward is a pair of slides!





Because even fashion lovers need slippers…

Or do they walk barefoot and sleep wearing only Chanel No.5?!

I don’t. I do like walking barefoot if possible but there are times when my extremities get cold. Of course, as all fashion lovers, I don’t really want to look scruffy and horrible, so I try to buy, if not glamorous (are they ever?!!), at least interesting/good quality/almost stylish/yet comfortable, house footwear.



I have bought ballerinas type of shoes in the past but lately I have gone for the Birkenstock open sandals, in grey felt… I know, not very sexy, but super comfy and at least (I reckon), decent.





I saw these though going around lately and thought it might be my next one:

Mahabis classic

Mahabis classic

It is actually a pair of felt slippers with a detachable sole, which you can easily, at least that’s what they claim, pop on and off, just in case you need to go outside for a minute… You can choose different colours for the bottom too, I quite like the blue:

There’s also a “summer” version of it, not that I will ever buy it myself, since summer here is sooo hot you want your skin off as well!!!!!! But I suppose not everywhere is scorching hot like here. Lucky you!

Here’s the link if you want to take a look: Mahabis slippers



They seem to be everywhere, no wonder! They are “shoes” (nowadays girls’ best friends) and they are also comfortable!!!! These are the divine pair I wish I could find at a reasonable price:

The Oran from HERMÉS

The Oran from HERMÉS

And actually, I have found something similar I really like:

Cole Haan Mesi Leather Sandal Slide, White

Cole Haan Mesi Leather Sandal Slide, White

Anyway, going back to why you should have a pair of slides…. Let’s be realistic, summer is about swollen feet, most of the time, so, what is better than a pair of open flats? Now, it doesn’t mean, in my view, one can walk around in those horrible  “swimming” slides, which too seem to be fashionable now… they are really awful and are best kept to the swimming-pool area, if that! The slides I am talking about are a little “Grandad style”, at least my favourites are, but certainly more feminine and, some of them, can be elegant too. By the way, nothing against the Birkenstock slides, I have worn them myself, I do think though they are ok only in particularly casual situations and, I suppose because I have already had them, I am a bit “over” them…

Here are some more styles:


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While I was looking through the different sites, I saw a pair for over 1,200 dollars!!!!! Can you believe it?! Really, how can they cost so much?!? Even if I could, I would like to think I would never spend so much, it just seems wrong to squander that kind of money on such a small amount of leather!!