Because even fashion lovers need slippers…

Or do they walk barefoot and sleep wearing only Chanel No.5?!

I don’t. I do like walking barefoot if possible but there are times when my extremities get cold. Of course, as all fashion lovers, I don’t really want to look scruffy and horrible, so I try to buy, if not glamorous (are they ever?!!), at least interesting/good quality/almost stylish/yet comfortable, house footwear.



I have bought ballerinas type of shoes in the past but lately I have gone for the Birkenstock open sandals, in grey felt… I know, not very sexy, but super comfy and at least (I reckon), decent.





I saw these though going around lately and thought it might be my next one:

Mahabis classic

Mahabis classic

It is actually a pair of felt slippers with a detachable sole, which you can easily, at least that’s what they claim, pop on and off, just in case you need to go outside for a minute… You can choose different colours for the bottom too, I quite like the blue:

There’s also a “summer” version of it, not that I will ever buy it myself, since summer here is sooo hot you want your skin off as well!!!!!! But I suppose not everywhere is scorching hot like here. Lucky you!

Here’s the link if you want to take a look: Mahabis slippers