Mohair knits and others….

Christmas is over, Hogmanay too, the sales aren’t interesting anymore. Now?


Well, the weather is getting colder, no way we can start thinking about spring. Not that I want to, I love winter clothes too much. I still want something fresh though, as in “new ideas” fresh and I have found it. Mohair see-through sweaters. I love them. This is the perfect one:











Cosy looking (hopefully warm too), chic and FRESH!



Fabulous colour too, goes with just about anything and is easily made to look “wintery” or “springy”, depending on the weather and how you feel of course…





This was the one I fell in love with, luckily there are other options.



I also like this duster coat:

JUST FEMAL Cardigan - petrol

JUST FEMALE Cardigan – petrol

I adore petrol blue, although this one looks more like a green to me!!

While looking for mohair sweaters I have also come across some other tops, which have absolutely nothing to do with mohair, or see-through for that matter, but I fancied them, so I thought that was a good enough reason to put them in my post!!!

Eribé Angus &Bride SWEATER

Eribé Angus &Bride SWEATER



Cute, cute, cute.







I also think cashmere is always a good place to go but with  “new season” colours:

or the “new season” colours alternative, that is, keeping the colour without the cashmere :

I am surprised I like the yellow one quite a lot…But I always think grey is great!

I never get enough of this colour, while brights, well, after a while I get fed up and stop wearing them. I suppose if one has enough cash to buy this and that, then it’s simpler…

Two more sweaters which look rather wintery but they are cute anyway:



Cosy winter sweaters

I know I said I am into sparkly clothes but I am into cosy sweaters too…. You know how it is, some days one feels very sexy, gorgeous, etc. etc., others, one feels like “I need a cuddle”. original_cashmere_scarves_3_That’s when a cosy winter jumper is useful. You may even have a “half sexy half cosy outfit”, in case you are not sure about your mood being stable all day long… (not at all likely in women!!)

Only there are two problems: first there’s not much in a way of knitwear which is decently priced and quality at the same time, two, it isn’t really cold enough for them, al least here, in Italy.

Providing it becomes colder, here are a few thoughts on how to wear an oversized cosy sweater:

Lighter colours look “warmer” and more “hugging” than darker ones,


very long sleeves too….

A pattern generally makes your sweater look thicker than perhaps it is, so more wintery, might make you look wider too though.

Of course a polo or crew neck make tops warmer looking

as does mohair

or raised patterns and melange

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jumper - pearl heather

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jumper – pearl heather


Now, how to wear it. Well, what about a pair of skinny jeans or leather trousers with ankle boots (with or without heel).






I really like a shirt or t-shirt which is longer than the sweater and shows at the bottom.

Different lenghts, shirt longer then sweater



Or a pair of chinos in the same colour of your jumper for a soft, cosy look? In this case I would add lace up shoes or trainers. I rather like a pencil skirt, again perhaps with trainers or ankle boots.

Madewell cityblock turtleneck sweater

Madewell cityblock turtleneck sweater







If you are tall enough, it’s also nice to add a full skirt, with heels preferably.

Well, let’s hope in the weather now!