Cosy winter sweaters

I know I said I am into sparkly clothes but I am into cosy sweaters too…. You know how it is, some days one feels very sexy, gorgeous, etc. etc., others, one feels like “I need a cuddle”. original_cashmere_scarves_3_That’s when a cosy winter jumper is useful. You may even have a “half sexy half cosy outfit”, in case you are not sure about your mood being stable all day long… (not at all likely in women!!)

Only there are two problems: first there’s not much in a way of knitwear which is decently priced and quality at the same time, two, it isn’t really cold enough for them, al least here, in Italy.

Providing it becomes colder, here are a few thoughts on how to wear an oversized cosy sweater:

Lighter colours look “warmer” and more “hugging” than darker ones,


very long sleeves too….

A pattern generally makes your sweater look thicker than perhaps it is, so more wintery, might make you look wider too though.

Of course a polo or crew neck make tops warmer looking

as does mohair

or raised patterns and melange

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jumper - pearl heather

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jumper – pearl heather


Now, how to wear it. Well, what about a pair of skinny jeans or leather trousers with ankle boots (with or without heel).






I really like a shirt or t-shirt which is longer than the sweater and shows at the bottom.

Different lenghts, shirt longer then sweater



Or a pair of chinos in the same colour of your jumper for a soft, cosy look? In this case I would add lace up shoes or trainers. I rather like a pencil skirt, again perhaps with trainers or ankle boots.

Madewell cityblock turtleneck sweater

Madewell cityblock turtleneck sweater







If you are tall enough, it’s also nice to add a full skirt, with heels preferably.

Well, let’s hope in the weather now!


The denim skirt

Do you have a denim skirt? If you don’t, you should.main.original.585x0-2

It isn’t always in fashion and it might lay in the bottom of the cupboard waiting…. but, sooner or later, will come back out!

The reason, of course, is that IT IS a really good “problem solver”!! Not as much as a pair of jeans, nevertheless, very good. I find it especially useful in the transitional seasons, when you are not sure whether you should wear a winter or a summer skirt. Denim is “seasonless”. Of course if the denim is light in colour or weight, it does need to be worn only in the summer. Not true the opposite, I think heavier or darker denim looks nice even when it’s hot and sunny! Providing you are actually able to wear it without melting….main.original.585x0-3

It looks nice with or without tights, with a woollen jumper or with a cotton top. It looks nice with heels and with flats.main.original.585x0-4

Denim is a great fabric, its thickness and toughness, helps to “hold in” bulks….

Don’t think only classic denim skirt, although it is always great, but lots of different styles:


There’s the pencil skirt:

Also buttoned up at the front:

 7 For All Mankind® Raw Edge Pencil Skirt

7 For All Mankind® Raw Edge Pencil Skirt

There’s the vintage skirt:

I do need to put some classic skirts:

The “fun” skirt:



The A-line skirt:

There’s also looser styles:

I have chosen against showing short, or shorter for that matter, styles. I don’t like them.

So, they are nice with just about anything. Yes. Well, I don’t really like denim with black. I used to, but it has been overdone, so I don’t like it anymore. Colours are going to make denim casual.

Denim skirt red + navy boots

Denim skirt + tweed jacket

Depending on what you wear with it, you will make it more or less casual. I reckon it can be reasonably elegant too though. The shoes make quite a difference as well.







denim skirt + grey

Denim skirt + trench






Jackets can be nice with this kind of skirt but, if you are going to wear a classic blazer, go extravagant with the shoes or jewellery at least.

Navy is always nice… if a bit classic.

I like tweed too…a little more casual but again, it depends on the accessories.

What about a trench coat or a fabric biker?

Of course you don’t have to wear a jacket, you could just wear a shirt to make the outfit a little elegant.

Or more casual.



A sweater will definitely make it quite casual,love these fair isle ones…

Don’t forget to wear a belt if there are loops on the skirt.

Massimo Dutti SASH BELT

Massimo Dutti SASH BELT

Or even if there aren’t.





Shoes. Anything goes. Flats, brogues, heels, ankle boots. I don’t like under the knee boots, they look, I reckon, “common” with the denim skirt.

I do like black for the shoes only.