Festive dressing: Zara



This is going to be the last post on festive dressing. By no means the least important, in fact, as I said before, I don’t believe one should spend too much on this kind of clothing. Of course if it’s going to be something you intend to wear during the day as well or you think you are going to use it for many years to come, than, it is worth investing, otherwise, it isn’t. That’s where Zara comes in, inexpensive trendy clothing, which is going to look great for a “few times wear”.

Here are some pretty alternatives to plain black, I love the mixture of grey, off white and pink, they would be nice all worn together (the colours! not the clothes!!)

And here are plenty of cute black ones:

Finally the leather. Well, I know, I keep on showing leather for the evening… I do think it’s a real alternative to black classic fabric clothes though.

I know you are thinking that perhaps green leather trousers aren’t the best for evening, but, first of all, most places where one goes are quite dark, so you can’t tell they are green. Second, since they are real leather, they cost rather a lot, so, you might as well get a lot of use out of them, which means wearing them during the day too. Now, do you really want to go for the boring black for the day? Well, you might, but if you are looking for an alternative colour which goes with just about any colour, here we are!!

Sorry. Back to the Zara evening wear.

Here are some outfits:

And so on and on and on…. endless possibilities.

Have a lovely Christmas. E.


Festive dressing: &Other Stories

Second appointment with festive dressing. This time I have selected interesting pieces from & Other Stories, COS trendier cousin. I really had a lot of trouble choosing though, I loved just about everything! I think the match black and off white is fabulous and the jewellery too. I also love the leather trousers and skirts as an alternative to fabric ones. You will see…



 Let’s start with a “no-brainer” solution, although you do need to think about shoes… Speaking of which, I reckon, as evening wear goes, skirts and loose trousers need heels whilst skinny trousers are nice with flats as well.

If you prefer something more classic, here it is, to be worn with a classic shoe with a twist and sizeable earrings ( two for short hair but only one for long!)

I adore this jumpsuit!

What about leather? A pair of skinny trousers with a chic off white top and gorgeous stripy shoes…

or a leather skirt ..

I really think black and off white together are extremely chic

here’s the rest at random:

Actually, here’s a few more:

if it’s really cold…

& Other Stories WOOL-BLEND TURTLENECK black

& Other Stories WOOL-BLEND TURTLENECK black

If you have great legs…

& Other Stories VISCOSE SHORTS black

& Other Stories VISCOSE SHORTS black

if you need a pair of trousers which will make you look perfect

finally a top which is very simple but will do wonders for your style (with leather trousers):


Sparkly evening trousers

It all started when I was looking through the new COS arrivals, that’s when I saw a pair of gorgeous evening trousers.  I wasn’t looking for evening wear at all.. but, you know how it is… when you are not looking, sometimes you find just the right thing! In fact, I think one should never really go shopping with something too specific in mind, that way one is bound to find something to buy! And of course, were you out looking for whatever clothes and you come across for example, the pair of pyjama trousers you have been needing for ages and could never find, you should certainly buy them.

COS Metallic trousers detail

COS Metallic trousers detail

Anyway, back to my evening trousers,  they are gorgeous. They are so simple yet so different. Just a pair of black trousers but sparkly!! What’s even nicer about them is that I think they could be easily worn during the day too.  From there I went into a frenzy with evening wear and I have ended up with lots of pictures and outfits. I know it really isn’t time yet for evening wear, not for most of us anyway, but, there you are, I have found them now and I will have them now!
So, here are some outfits I put together:

tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_15-1718770965
tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_321990248127

tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_112038793738
tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_06-1175654724

here are some more evening trousers looks….
tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_00804548803
tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_19-508704558
tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_24-173604668

tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_2880201130
tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_36-626586455
tmp_Collage 2013-10-22 15_50_401874838369

finally, all the items I have used in the above pictures but separately: