Festive dressing: Zara



This is going to be the last post on festive dressing. By no means the least important, in fact, as I said before, I don’t believe one should spend too much on this kind of clothing. Of course if it’s going to be something you intend to wear during the day as well or you think you are going to use it for many years to come, than, it is worth investing, otherwise, it isn’t. That’s where Zara comes in, inexpensive trendy clothing, which is going to look great for a “few times wear”.

Here are some pretty alternatives to plain black, I love the mixture of grey, off white and pink, they would be nice all worn together (the colours! not the clothes!!)

And here are plenty of cute black ones:

Finally the leather. Well, I know, I keep on showing leather for the evening… I do think it’s a real alternative to black classic fabric clothes though.

I know you are thinking that perhaps green leather trousers aren’t the best for evening, but, first of all, most places where one goes are quite dark, so you can’t tell they are green. Second, since they are real leather, they cost rather a lot, so, you might as well get a lot of use out of them, which means wearing them during the day too. Now, do you really want to go for the boring black for the day? Well, you might, but if you are looking for an alternative colour which goes with just about any colour, here we are!!

Sorry. Back to the Zara evening wear.

Here are some outfits:

And so on and on and on…. endless possibilities.

Have a lovely Christmas. E.