Powder pink and green

Another one of my friend’s C. ideas, and I love it! Hope she doesn’t mind I’ve stolen it…

Pink top & green trousers

And here are some ideas:


Closed Joe chinos in faded greenClosed Stewart chinos in faded greenClosed Joe chinos in May greenJoseph casual trousers in military greenDONDUP casual trousers in greenAniye By casual trousersManila Grace Denim casual trousers greenCarhartt casual trousers in greenSelected femme striped green trousers,


Grey and green

I definitely “have a thing” for green. Not long ago I did a post about black and green (Here), now, you are going to get one about grey and green!

Le-Fashion-Blog green and grey

Le-Fashion-Blog green and grey

Isn’t it beautiful? I suppose one needs to be into green like me…I know, it isn’t very “Spring” looking… but if you were to add a little white…

Now, the green part could just be a belt or a handbag, or even a scarf…if you don’t want too much of it…




Black & green

You know how you have periods you always wear certain clothes or colours? Well, I am into black and green right now ( forest green, sage green, bottle green… perhaps Christmas tree green!!), after seeing this:



Gorgeous or what?!? I absolutely LOVE this!

Pity I haven’t been able to find this top or anything similar for that matter…but, it will be not forgotten. When I like something as much as I like this sweater, I just keep it in mind (I have a small compartment in my mind where I store fashion info about my wardrobe needs) and, one day, hopefully, I will come across it by chance while looking for something else. It has happened. I looked for about 3 years for the right black jeans belt and one day, I was looking for clothes for one of my two sons, when I found it! It was in the men’s department, but hey! who cares if it’s not a woman’s belt.

The thing is, it is worth waiting for the RIGHT item, plenty of times I wanted, and couldn’t resist buying, something which was almost right but not quite, it never pays off. When you find the perfect one, love will blossom and continue for years.

Anyway, I had been looking for a new colour match for my many black items for a while. I am fed up with the usual ones and green is definitely going to be my favourite now. I actually own a gorgeous green & Other Stories sweater I bought in the sales last year, it’s a start!

Here is some green you can add to your black:


COS high neck jumperCOS wool-blend scarfCOS long sleeve leather gloveCOS flared A-line skirtAtterley road green midi dressAtterley leather sandalsCoast fur collarFilippa K high sport shoeFilippa K purseFilippa K beltHue opaque tightsJ.Crew t-shirtJ.Crew velvet blazerJ.Crew turtle neck,