Black & green

You know how you have periods you always wear certain clothes or colours? Well, I am into black and green right now ( forest green, sage green, bottle green… perhaps Christmas tree green!!), after seeing this:



Gorgeous or what?!? I absolutely LOVE this!

Pity I haven’t been able to find this top or anything similar for that matter…but, it will be not forgotten. When I like something as much as I like this sweater, I just keep it in mind (I have a small compartment in my mind where I store fashion info about my wardrobe needs) and, one day, hopefully, I will come across it by chance while looking for something else. It has happened. I looked for about 3 years for the right black jeans belt and one day, I was looking for clothes for one of my two sons, when I found it! It was in the men’s department, but hey! who cares if it’s not a woman’s belt.

The thing is, it is worth waiting for the RIGHT item, plenty of times I wanted, and couldn’t resist buying, something which was almost right but not quite, it never pays off. When you find the perfect one, love will blossom and continue for years.

Anyway, I had been looking for a new colour match for my many black items for a while. I am fed up with the usual ones and green is definitely going to be my favourite now. I actually own a gorgeous green & Other Stories sweater I bought in the sales last year, it’s a start!

Here is some green you can add to your black:


COS high neck jumperCOS wool-blend scarfCOS long sleeve leather gloveCOS flared A-line skirtAtterley road green midi dressAtterley leather sandalsCoast fur collarFilippa K high sport shoeFilippa K purseFilippa K beltHue opaque tightsJ.Crew t-shirtJ.Crew velvet blazerJ.Crew turtle neck,