Clothes to “dye” for!

To dye or not to dye? It is a very simple answer mine. If it has been in your cupboard for a while without getting worn and you are thinking to give it away o through it away, than it is to “dye”.

Ok, what I am talking about is this. We are all guilty of buying clothes, especially in the sales, which are not the colour we wanted. I did it last year for example, I really needed (!!!) a black cardigan and I bought a light grey one… as you do…well, couldn’t find the black one, what’s a girl to do in a case like that?!

Second situation: we bought something in a “wonderful” colour a while ago, which we now think is an “awful” colour. I did that too…Happens…

0228002_lSo, going back to my light grey cardigan…. I bought one of those “do it yourself dyes” which are to be used either by hand or in the washing machine.Standalone_1175X1290 Of course I decided to use the latter because I am a firm believer EVERYTHING can be done in that wonderful machine.


My cardigan is now dark grey and a little smaller. Ok, I know it was supposed to go black and wasn’t supposed to go smaller…. well, you know, one understands better mistakes after making them….still, now I use my “newish” cardigan a lot. Still missing a black one….. but this will probably be another story next winter.

Conclusions: I am going to tell you what I now know, that I didn’t know before dyeing clothes, in order to prevent YOU, from making the same mistakes. I am overall very happy I did dye those garments though and will do it again. Just don’t expect the exact colour you had in mind and you will be happy too.

1- I hate reading instructions and I know most women have the same aversion but in this case I think it is best if you do and do it very carefully. This will mainly help you to go as close as possible to the colour you wish to obtain.images

2- There are two types of dye depending on the fabric you want to change the colour to.  A-cotton, linen etc. B-silk, wool, etc. (delicates). Choose the right one because it does make a difference on the result. (this is by the way why I got a smaller cardigan now!).

3-There are lots of pictures showing you how the colours/dye behave, it’s a “before and after”  you ought to look at.

4-Only natural fabrics can be dyed. Having said that, if your garment has some stitching or embroidery, that is usually synthetic, so, think carefully. I have dyed some towels grey which had white stitching, which has remained that colour, the result though is great, I really love it. Here you must establish whether you are going to as well.uBzD8

5- The clothes’ weight bears an enormous importance on the strength and shade of the colour. I haven’t really fully understood this one on the instructions yet, so, you read them.


6-Of course you can use fabric dye also to revive a garment’s colour which has faded..

7-Do remember to clean your w/m very well afterwards, inside the basket but also inside the rubber around it, you don’t want to dye anything else!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????





Have fun!!

(I would be sooo curious to know how you got on!)




It’s time for a bit of DIY. First: the fur collar

C. told me off a couple of days ago… She said I incite her to buy too many clothes….I answered that she ought to think it’s worse for me… hours on end looking for clothes on the internet for my posts….I obviously end up buying more than I should!

Therefore I decided it’s time to stop buying (as if!!) and it is also time to start using effectively what we already have in our wardrobes.

That’s where a little DIY comes in.

First idea: take an old fur collar and make it something new and exciting. I have one which belonged to my Grandmother, it’s a dark brown fox collar, you know those ones women used to have sewn on to their coats? The fur is still nice, so, I took it to the dress-maker and got her to change the lining which was really tatty. I also asked her to add a thin and long brown velvet ribbon on both sides.



The above one isn’t my one, I still have to understand how to upload pictures to this computer!!! It is similar though. The ribbon I had added is a lot thinner and the collar wider at the back and comes in thinner at the front. All in all quite different really!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I think you hopefully will get the idea.

Well, since having it done, I have used it very much. The thing is, it is not only a warm “scarf” but also a very chic addition to any outfits, from a casual denim one to a more elegant LBD. I wear it to go out for warmth and end up keeping it on when I take my jacket/coat off because it always looks great with what I have on. I also use it to make an outfit look more expensive. I don’t always wear it around my neck, sometimes it falls nicely off one shoulder or at the back, sometimes I tie it, others I just kind of “scrunch” it into place under my coat’s collar… I hope you get what I am trying to say…. This idea us rather wintery I know, will try to think of something a little more towards spring next time.

If your Grandmother didn’t have one you can always try vintage (sorry, I am getting you to spend again…).