Clothes to “dye” for!

To dye or not to dye? It is a very simple answer mine. If it has been in your cupboard for a while without getting worn and you are thinking to give it away o through it away, than it is to “dye”.

Ok, what I am talking about is this. We are all guilty of buying clothes, especially in the sales, which are not the colour we wanted. I did it last year for example, I really needed (!!!) a black cardigan and I bought a light grey one… as you do…well, couldn’t find the black one, what’s a girl to do in a case like that?!

Second situation: we bought something in a “wonderful” colour a while ago, which we now think is an “awful” colour. I did that too…Happens…

0228002_lSo, going back to my light grey cardigan…. I bought one of those “do it yourself dyes” which are to be used either by hand or in the washing machine.Standalone_1175X1290 Of course I decided to use the latter because I am a firm believer EVERYTHING can be done in that wonderful machine.


My cardigan is now dark grey and a little smaller. Ok, I know it was supposed to go black and wasn’t supposed to go smaller…. well, you know, one understands better mistakes after making them….still, now I use my “newish” cardigan a lot. Still missing a black one….. but this will probably be another story next winter.

Conclusions: I am going to tell you what I now know, that I didn’t know before dyeing clothes, in order to prevent YOU, from making the same mistakes. I am overall very happy I did dye those garments though and will do it again. Just don’t expect the exact colour you had in mind and you will be happy too.

1- I hate reading instructions and I know most women have the same aversion but in this case I think it is best if you do and do it very carefully. This will mainly help you to go as close as possible to the colour you wish to obtain.images

2- There are two types of dye depending on the fabric you want to change the colour to.  A-cotton, linen etc. B-silk, wool, etc. (delicates). Choose the right one because it does make a difference on the result. (this is by the way why I got a smaller cardigan now!).

3-There are lots of pictures showing you how the colours/dye behave, it’s a “before and after”  you ought to look at.

4-Only natural fabrics can be dyed. Having said that, if your garment has some stitching or embroidery, that is usually synthetic, so, think carefully. I have dyed some towels grey which had white stitching, which has remained that colour, the result though is great, I really love it. Here you must establish whether you are going to as well.uBzD8

5- The clothes’ weight bears an enormous importance on the strength and shade of the colour. I haven’t really fully understood this one on the instructions yet, so, you read them.


6-Of course you can use fabric dye also to revive a garment’s colour which has faded..

7-Do remember to clean your w/m very well afterwards, inside the basket but also inside the rubber around it, you don’t want to dye anything else!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????





Have fun!!

(I would be sooo curious to know how you got on!)





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