New Year’s eve clothes for “grown ups”

There’s just too much out there, far too much. There’s plain but classy, there’s colour, there’s kitch… I am just going to post some clothes and accessories at random. I only want to point out, one doesn’t need to be half naked to be dressed for a party and there are plenty of things for more “seasoned” women. I could not go through all the sites I have saved, in order to find the best options, the following are merely the tip of the iceberg…

Among others, I went onto Boden’s site: I had forgotten how cute their party footwear was! Why not go for fancy shoes/sandals on a plainer outfit? Or the opposite of course, or even the “full works” look? Careful though, in this case, it does need to be amazing!!  I especially like the idea of a suit, jacket and trousers in the same garish fabric, or bright shoes, or both!

Hardly any black! Lots of navy and colour. I can’t wait, can you?!!




Velvet or not velvet…..

I guess I am going to have to talk about velvet…

I have had the post waiting for a while, undecided whether to actually write it or not. But it does look like it’s everywhere, so I think I ought to make my position clear on this matter. I don’t love it but it can be nice every now and again.

I always like a velvet blazer, both in classic colours and bright ones too. Boden tends to do one every winter (Here). I wouldn’t normally advise adding trousers to match it (Here) but in Boden’s case I think they look fantastic together with the polo neck, all in the same shade.

The wide leg trousers is a chic alternative (Here), but in this case I would match them with a blouse or a sweater instead, perhaps a polo neck again, a tight one, the trousers being wide…




Love their Mary-Jane!! In all three colours (Here)


But I also like a nice pair of flats (Here)

Brera velvet flats

Brera velvet flats


If you are young and beautiful, and you don’t want to miss out on this trend, while not spending too much on it, this Zara dress is really cute (Here), it will only last a season, but this is what we want, isn’t it?!




This is all I am afraid. As I said, I am not that fond of velvet. There might be an evening dress or two out there I would possibly like but I am not going to look for them as I am not that big on evening-wear either…


P.S. Do remember velvet adds volume, so make sure you can wear it first of all and then choose the right size so it doesn’t cling on you too much.





Festive dressing: Boden

Heading for a lot of colours!!!!!


Boden has some great “british” clothing and here are some suggestions:

This is a sweater I have already posted but I love it so much I am going to do it again:



Isn’t it just marvellous?!?! It will be great for day time too, a pair of jeans to dress it down and you will look fabulous! A pair of black trousers for the evening instead, the top is the “diva”!!

There are some classic velvet jackets, which are never out of fashion really…

The colours are great and these too can be worn as a day time blazer. As far as evening wear goes though, I wouldn’t do the boring black match but try instead to wear something in a similar shade for the dress or shoe etc. For instance, if you want the pink one, you could add a pearl grey dress and sandals/shoes in a lighter pink. I suppose the silver grey one could be suitable for a black match.

This pair of trousers and shoes would be nice with the turquoise jacket

or with the pink one

and if you don’t want to wear glittery or heels, here’s three other pair of shoes, one better than the other:

Now a few gold things…



I would wear the silver sandals with this dress.







Boden MILANO DRESS champagne sparkle

Boden MILANO DRESS champagne sparkle




This other dress isn’t easy at all, you do need to be nearly perfect in order to wear it… I think this one would be nice with navy accessories, if for no other reason than making  a little more classy rather than “bomb shell” look !!



Now a top:





Boden The lace up navy and warm pewter

Gold, gold with grey, love it!! And what do you think of these shoes:

They are quite unusual and the style isn’t for anybody, but if you are looking for something different, or you are “different” and do not want to have the usual classic or sexy evening look, than these are for you.

By the way, they are navy, not black!


That’s it for now.


P.S. Boden has already some discounts, up to 50%!!!!