Velvet or not velvet…..

I guess I am going to have to talk about velvet…

I have had the post waiting for a while, undecided whether to actually write it or not. But it does look like it’s everywhere, so I think I ought to make my position clear on this matter. I don’t love it but it can be nice every now and again.

I always like a velvet blazer, both in classic colours and bright ones too. Boden tends to do one every winter (Here). I wouldn’t normally advise adding trousers to match it (Here) but in Boden’s case I think they look fantastic together with the polo neck, all in the same shade.

The wide leg trousers is a chic alternative (Here), but in this case I would match them with a blouse or a sweater instead, perhaps a polo neck again, a tight one, the trousers being wide…




Love their Mary-Jane!! In all three colours (Here)


But I also like a nice pair of flats (Here)

Brera velvet flats

Brera velvet flats


If you are young and beautiful, and you don’t want to miss out on this trend, while not spending too much on it, this Zara dress is really cute (Here), it will only last a season, but this is what we want, isn’t it?!




This is all I am afraid. As I said, I am not that fond of velvet. There might be an evening dress or two out there I would possibly like but I am not going to look for them as I am not that big on evening-wear either…


P.S. Do remember velvet adds volume, so make sure you can wear it first of all and then choose the right size so it doesn’t cling on you too much.