New life for clothes

Yesterday morning, when it came to deciding what I should wear, I very much fancied a pair of grey man’s trousers, which, I don’t own. Do you do that? I mean, do you follow your mood when getting dressed? I do, always. That’s why I hate packing and, as a consequence, deciding in advance what I feel like putting on in the morning, or night, or whenever really.


Yesterday was a dark and rainy day. I actually started my outfit with my feet, I wanted to wear boots, ankle boots. Than I thought about the trousers, a pair of “man’s cut” grey flannel wide leg with pleated trousers (what a mouthful!) . I guess I wanted to be comfortable but at the same time classy. I couldn’t exactly make them appear by magic, could I? Only, in a way, I could. It came to mind, my husband, who is awfully thin, that or I am fat, so I prefer to think he is too thin, has a few pair of trousers he doesn’t use anymore but keeps anyway (he absolutely doesn’t like throwing away things). Which man doesn’t have a pair of grey classic trousers? I went looking and I soon found a pair that looked just the part! Next, I tried them on, half wanting them to be too big, half not. They were perfect. Fortunately? Unfortunately? Not sure. The length wasn’t quite right (this is where I would have liked them to be right, just because I would love to be taller), but, nowadays I find it’s not a problem to actually fold them up and make a sort of turn up, even if not perfect.

Needless to say, I left the house happy as if I owned a pair of new trousers, well, they were new for me anyway! All this long post to remind you, you might already have what you “need” in the house, you just have to think about different possibilities. I even wear a pair of my son’s jeans which I was about to give away…

These are very similar to my newly found pair and you can find them here: Arket wool flannel trousers