Jeans: no rules

Since it is time for jeans again, well, I was thinking… how are we going to wear them this winter? Rolled up? Turned up? No hem? Jeans used to be just like trousers, a plain old-fashioned hem would do. imagesThen fashion started with all of those different washes and the classic hem became a bit frayed. Now, well… now everything is possible! It is mostly about not having the hem done at all, it seems, I suppose, easier, not in the least because that way you can adapt them to any kind of shoe, or fashion moment for that matter! So, if one is wearing high heel, one might decide to let it all down, or roll it up to ankle length; if you have flats you might turn it up by a good 10/15 cm for instance.

Here are some photos you can get ideas from:

There is this other option:


which is a bit extreme as I see it, but you can do something similar and look chic instead then scruffy :

Sonia RykielThese have the same look but are much more elegant! I also quite like the beaded hem, or you could even try with some contrast thick stitching.

I think I might try the stitching and the “I used to have a hem on these jeans but now they are too short so I have let it down” options this winter.