Spring classic look





Spring flowers and denim

Mango Trench denim soft.

I was rather taken by a denim “trench coat”. I think it could be an alternative to the classic and elegant rain coat we all tend to go for. Don’t get me wrong, I do think a “girl” should always own one, it’s just sometimes it’s a bit too dressy. I suppose it depends on which kind of life one leads…I know I would get much more use out of a casual coat right now.



The way I would wear it for now is with a midi flowers print dress, like this:

or this:

or again ….

But, I also found this striped one:

which I thought was really cute… and to finish them off one could either wear these outfits with trainers or strappy shoes:

Of course this trench could also be nice with a simple t-shirt and trousers..


Denim trench-coatZara midi dresses

A great blazer

Just fallen for a gorgeous blazer….
I wasn’t going to look at the new arrivals…I really didn’t want to…it’s just, I almost know by heart the winter clothes on the sites I usually look at, and anyway, I didn’t think the new stuff would tempt me yet. I love winter clothes and it is still rather cold…
But I did, I looked, damn me!!!! Of course it was about 10 seconds before I found something really exciting! So, my advice to you is:
look away now if you don’t want to be tempted too!!!!!!!!!!


You haven’t, have you?!
In that case you might as well have a good look at this:

Isn’t it really cute? I love the fact that it is classic but love the gathering on the shoulders which makes it a little different.
I actually like the silk ( I assume) shirt too, both perfect on the jeans. So, you see, you can actually use one of those lovely silk shirts you bought this winter and of course your jeans, the only new item you need is the jacket!! I would wear this outfit with ballerinas or slip-on shoes though, to make it look a bit fresher and spring like, as soon as the weather permits…
If you are going to wear the shirt inside your trousers, it would be really nice to add a nice, thin, bright coloured belt, as long as the rest isn’t bright at all..