Rich mix: red and brown

Don’t you think these two shades are amazing together? So warm, so rich and cheerful!

I especially approve the all red underneath and the gorgeous shoes on those red tights.

I intend to try this match as soon as possible.

Here is some inspiration for you:

There are a few things to consider:

Since you will eventually have to take your coat off, if you are not a supermodel, be careful with the all red underneath, you do not want took like Santa or worse yet like a giant shapeless fluffy ball!! You ought to therefore keep it as simple as possible, best to go for a dress I’d say. But, if you really like the idea of top and trousers/skirt, do go for the most minimal you can find. Shoes in this case are really important, pick the right ones for the whole outfit, with and without coat.

Might be nice to do the opposite match and go for brown dress and tights + red coat and shoes. In fact, it might just be easier, even though more expensive somehow. You will get more use out of a brown coat than a red one, not only because easier to match but also because you will be less likely to get bored with it. The coat is the most expensive item of this look. Now, a red top will last for a long time, not sure about the trousers…

Anyway, I can’t wait to try this out, as soon as I can actually go out anywhere!!