What about a bright handbag?


Have you had enough of winter? I haven’t, but I am constantly reminded I am a little weird. “Who what wear” says a bright handbag will help to bring spring forward. sunlight4They are probably right. It is a way to give a “spring-like” lift to your look without ending up freezing, because it really isn’t the right temperature for lighter clothes yet, is it?!


Have a look at the following bags to see if there’s anything you fancy:

Lots of orange/red as you can see, but I have found a coupe of bluish/greenish ones too:

I know….there’s an intruder! I was only supposed to show bright handbags… and the middle one isn’t either a bag or bright…


Pink and red meet burgundy for winter

I was putting out the washing today (nice and windy!!), when I noticed I had hung, close by, three colours: pink, red and burgundy. That’s when I realised I really like those three shades together!

Now it’s getting a little cooler we are able to wear more things and it’s easier to match more colours together.

So, here is a table of lots of different things you mix & match:

Of course you don’t have to wear only these shades top to bottom… if you want to break it up and don’t want to be too colourful, you can always add a pair of trousers or a skirt in a nice mid grey

What do you think? Would you wear them?