One colour look

All black, all white, but there are several other colours…

There are advantages in the “one colour look”, the more obvious of which is that one doesn’t have to think too much, but it’s also chic, makes one look instantly elegant and let’s not forget the lengthening effect!!!

I have always liked the total black look but I am a newcomer to the all white. Rather difficult to find photos of other colours, but I do think most colours “total look” is possible and sometimes very very nice (burgundy?!) although some are certainly more difficult and need to be especially minimal. Here are some ideas:

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I do think the shoes/sandals should be in the same colour too.





As you all know, I am not a big fun of colour, as in bright that is. But, as there always is a but, looking through one of my favourite sites, which is “Who What Wear”, I saw a post about bold colours. Now, I perhaps don’t agree with everything, what I do agree with is: it is good practice to use a shade other than black now and again and is possible to use brights occasionally. These are the three ideas I like and use myself:

1. Wear just one bright accessory, like a bag, shoes or scarf, etc. Love this particular one. I often use it.

Mildly coloured bags:

Brightly coloured bags:

A gorgeous bright one:                                             A reasonable sized one:

Picard JANIS - Handbag - mix

Picard JANIS – Handbag – mixAnd a reasonable size one:

Diesel DAFNE - Tote bag - ocean

Diesel DAFNE – Tote bag – ocean








Of course there are plenty of other accessories one can use….

2. Wear a bright blazer or a coat over an all black outfit. This can be nice too.

3. Wear a one colour outfit that isn’t black. Here it becomes tricky…. They swear by red for 2015. I like red, I do, but an entire outfit is difficult. Perhaps a subtler colour? Still, it is worth a try…

L' Autre chose mohair tartan top and skirt

L’ Autre chose mohair tartan top and skirt

(I feel one needs to be blond in order to wear this one…)

4. I know I said 3!! This is mine: if everything else fails, at least try with a bright red lipstick! Essential, in this case, to be extremely demure in everything else. The risk, as you well know, is to look common rather than chic.