Head-to-toe monochrome

So very flattering… it just makes one look endless! Which is always good, no matter how tall and slim one is. Black obviously works wonders but, it does work with the other colours too:

If the shoes/sandals are the same colour too, even better!


Black total look + statement shoes

I seem to be wearing a lot of black lately (surprise, surprise!! …not really), even more so then usual. I get into this cycle when I am bored with my clothes and then I start going “plain and safe”(sometimes called minimal !?)… Don’t get me wrong, I still like most things I own, I am just fed up with wearing them, I need a break…

Today I am very black, black dress, black cardigan, black tights (yes, tights, I know it looks much better without but I am really not going to freeze to death because I would look better with bare legs!!). I feel comfy and I like it, ballet-flats-anything-but-boring-406-coverbut I don’t love it, it’s just a little, well, unexciting.

That’s when I thought I ought to add something that is (exciting). I have decided on a pair of shoes.


Whether those be a pair of coloured ones or something unusual, they must have personality! The above ones are gorgeous but far too expensive, here are some we can afford though:





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