Simple but special

That is what actually sums up what I generally prefer. Clothes, in my opinion, should look simple but they always must have details that make them stand out, whether it is their cut or their fabric, or preferably both, they should look fabulous and make you look fabulous, without too much fuss though, al least most of the times…

This sweater is a fine example:


And if you like it, here‘s where you can find it!


Different shades of……

Monochromatic look.

I like it, I like this trend of wearing different shades of the same colour in the same outfit! I am thinking grey and beige. You weren’t expecting colour, were you?!

Layering in this case can be nice, but not essential. I also added a tiny bit of a similar colour…. Here’s the beige grid:

Grey. Whatever you wear, I reckon it would be especially fabulous if worn under this marvellous coat:

COS Clean edge wool coat

COS Clean edge wool coat

Grid of greys: