Update on the multiple rings…

I did find the rings. Not exactly what I had in mind, nevertheless nice, quite happy with my purchase.fede-estella-oro-bianco-web They are very simple silver thin(ish) bands. I bought three, one sits at the top (or bottom? opposite nail anyway), the other two just under my knuckles. Now, I am not sure whether they will last long as the second two  slip down a bit now and again… They were really inexpensive though, 9 euros each!!

Perhaps next time I will buy those ones that have a very thin chain at the back which holds them together. I also got the girl in the shop to write down the three sizes for me so, hopefully, I will be able to buy them on-line in the future.


Fine multiple rings

This is a time when I don’t think  about new summer clothes anymore but, at the same time, I don’t really want to go into winter ones either.

That’s when I try to find alternatives, not consciously, but I guess my brain is always looking for something to do with fashion (my passion!).

So, now I am a little obsessed with finding these:

Fine rings

Fine multiple rings….

I am not sure how one goes about finding them though, I have seen similar versions on sites but I want to try them on, I want to purchase them in an actual shop, you know, one you actually step in, touch things, try them on!! I have tried where I live but they don’t even know what I am talking about… rather small place where and I guess trends arrive once in the rest of the world they are over… But, I am at present in a bigger town so I think I will try here.

There is another reason I haven’t bought them on-line, my favourite sites only have cheap ones, and, as I am a lazy person, I don’t want to have to take them off in order to enter the shower because otherwise they will become tarnished…Anyway, I do like and want something made out of gold or al least silver.

Off I go, in search of them! Will update if I find anything.