Festive dressing: COS

Whether you like it or not, it’s almost Christmas, you know, church service? lunch with parents and relatives, etc.etc. Following this family gathering, you may have also a New year’s eve do, hopefully with friends this time!!. What are you going to wear???

I already have posted plenty of clothes and accessories which could be suitable for these occasions. This is a new approach to “the problem” ( I wish all problems were like that!), one which is divided more into styles. I thought I would select the best there is from my favourite sites.

I am starting with COS. Very understated, minimal, almost all black and white.




I love the organza top, you will be able to wear it with jeans too.

This top is great to dress up and to use with a shirt/long sleeve top underneath for every day use.


All three will get plenty of use with both elegant clothes and not…

Ok, now some trousers:

Love, love, love them! When Yves Saint Laurent decided women could wear evening suits too, was one of the best moment in fashion ever!

And the trendier version..

But you may want to wear something more classic:



These ones are gorgeous, classic with a subtle twist:

A skirt?

which doesn’t need to be so classic, a leather one might make your outfit look more interesting…

Bye, bye.




Patterned trousers

Trousers…. you can always find a pair of nice cotton or linen ones for the summer. They are fine for the day, don’t love them though for the evening, a bit too casual. I came across some which were patterned and thought they would be ideal for both day and evening wear, just changing top, sandals, etc. Here are some ideas….

In fact, one can almost mix and match all of the above…