Black + green + beige + white

I am not ready for bright colours yet….probably never will be ….I must be honest, I am not exactly a bright colours person!

So here is a more subtle match if like me you want something a little more understated or are not feeling the summer yet:



Green, pink and yellow

I was at the airport when I saw an oriental girl wearing a very stylish outfit, the colours especially were very well matched…

green, light pink and yellow

So, here are some ideas on how to use them:

green + pink + yellow

And a collage, of previously shown clothes and accessories in the same colours, which you can mix and match:


Bye, bye.


Tweed, fox fur and other colours

Just a few ideas of colour combinations. I have used what I already had to show ONLY the shades, not necessarily the clothes combinations..
I don’t particularly like just two colours in an outfit anymore, I think there should be at least three, preferably more. Of course you could make it interesting also wearing two shades of the same colour and perhaps add some pattern in small doses. Different textures are also nice and count as if it was an extra colour, for example fur, leather, fabric, knit, etc.

Tweed, duck egg blue and white.
Mid grey, fox fur and gold.

Mid grey, denim and pea green.
Beige, leather, pink and grey.