Speaking of back…side

I have one more complaint which fall under the “back side” region…

A few days ago I was driving and I happened to notice this woman walking along the road. I seem to always detect good looks, unfortunately sometimes I spy bad ones too! She was wearing a t-shirt which was shorter at the back. Now, one might or might not like that sort of thing (I don’t), but, BIG BUT, one needs to check one’s back side in the mirror before venturing out with a top of that sort!! Unfortunately, her “derriere” was far too big for it. I am not saying we should all have perfect bodies, far from it, I am just presenting you with a problem which can be easily solved by dressing accordingly to your shape. So, if your bottom is big or biggish, avoid showing it off. I am stating the obvious here, I know, but it looks like not everybody does.

I thought perhaps they are just forgetful, or don’t own a mirror, or they could even be like children are “if I can’t see my back nobody does” (the kids usually hide behind a curtain with their feet sticking out!!).

So, I reckon it’s important to check all sides when dressing, without going over the top, I disagree with spending too much time in front of the mirror, just a quick glance will do.